Welcome to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia! 

Dear Ambassadors of Goodwill,

As we enter the new year, we are grateful for those of you who have led by example, made hard decisions, and used your voices to help change the world. By stepping out of your comfort zones as leaders, you have done what is right for the kids who need us most, and in turn, what is right for our community. It is thanks to the support of leaders like you, that we continue to make strides for Philadelphia’s kids and communities.

Your support has allowed us to continue to combat the academic, economic, social, and emotional toll that COVID-19 has taken in our communities. Through the challenges we faced, the Clubs have continuing to provide youth with access to high quality programs, ensured access to healthy meals, provided academic support, and offered a healthy outlet for feelings of isolation and trauma.

Our Bold Change for Kids campaign continues, with an emphasis on ending the educational inequity that COVID-19 has brought to this generation of youth. In the year ahead, we are excited to launch new projects focused on improving the academic performance of Club members.

We will continue to make investments in our Literacy Initiative, working with 16 partners across the country to expand and enhance their programs and services. We are also excited to deliver a completely transformed facility in the Germantown community as we finish construction on the Ralph J. Roberts Club in Germantown.

Thank you all for choosing to be leaders for Philadelphia’s kids and communities. Your actions today will transform the world of tomorrow.

In the Best Interest of the Kids,



Lisabeth & Joseph Marziello
President-CEO’s of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia


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2022 Coach’s Private Reserve Dinner

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia is proud to embrace Philadelphia’s future for our 10th Annual Coach’s Private Reserve Dinner. Sponsors for our cause will join us on Thursday, September 22, 2022 for an upscale evening featuring fine wines from our friend and supporter Coach Vermeil, classic Italian cheeses from BelGioioso,  gourmet food, and exciting treats. The night will be a spectacle, thanks to our top notch entertainment. Celebrating The Santora Family will be a night to remember!

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Ralph J Roberts Germantown Boys & Girls Club

A Grand Rededication

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Congratulations Hall of Famer Coach Dick Vermeil 


Coach Vermeil is one of the greatest humans on earth – this induction into the Hall of Fame has been earned 10X fold by this life changing Coach! His energy, commitment to excellence and love for humanity has been displayed throughout his career and his life. Coach Vermeil is a world changer who we are proud to call our mentor and friend. 

News & Events

News & Events

Life Changing Tranformations

With Rob Ross
Ross Feller Casey Law

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia have been serving youth in Philadelphia’s most impoverished communities for over 135 years. Our Clubs provide a variety of services to youth including preschool, after-school, and teen programming.