Dear Friends and Leaders,

As the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia continues to navigate with our staff and kids through this changing time, we continually remind ourselves of the good times, great programs, laughing kids, fun activities, thoughtful and supportive donors, our Coaches Private Reserve Dinner, Golf and all the activities that bond us as a community in the best interest of the kids who need us most. We are community strong, we are courageous and we will flourish- together.

Over the past two weeks the Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia has been working in the forefront with the City and the Philadelphia Housing Authority to ensure our kids and their families, who lack the resources necessary and are experiencing food insecurity, are fed in 5 of our locations during this critical time.

We have also developed virtual literacy programs, team meetings, program trainings and guidelines, and deep cleaned all facilities in preparation for the announcement to return to school and work activities. It is critical for the Boys & Girls Clubs to retain our employees as when this mandate is lifted, and it will lift; people will return to work, school and the Boys & Girls Club, we need to be prepared.

We need to be prepared to hit the ground running to give full support and resources to restore a sense of security, peace, and goodwill as many of our children are currently surrounded by stress, dysfunctional family circumstances, and a lack of education.

Our children who live in the most economically distressed neighborhoods of Philadelphia do not have home internet, nor do they have computers at home to access valuable educational tools and resources. Normally, our children receive these resources and support from their local Boys & Girls Club.

The time is now for us all to pull together and prepare for the tsunami of need that will soon be upon us.

Your donation and support as a leader will help us to prepare, and together we can overcome the obstacles and deficiencies that are affecting the neighborhoods we serve. Help us to lift them up so we can all move forward with a momentum of educational success and prosperity for all.

In the best interest of the kids,

Lisabeth and Joseph Marziello


Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia have been serving youth in Philadelphia’s most impoverished communities for over 131 years. Our Clubs provide a variety of services to youth including preschool, after-school, and teen programming.

We hope all of our Boys & Girls Club Family members are staying safe during this unprecedented time. As our city, region, and nation face a public health crisis, many of the kids we serve also face an educational crisis. As you are all too aware, in order to combat Covid-19, Public Schools, after school programs, and youth development facilities have shut down. While students attending private school, or living in wealthier school districts, may have access to remote-learning resources, students attending Philadelphia’s public schools, however, will receive no remote instruction during this time due to a lack of access to technology. For youth who already face substantial educational obstacles, this crisis threatens to put them even further behind their peers.

We are currently serving lunches and feeding children during this critical time at 5 of our locations. When the rest of our doors reopen, our programs and services will be even more critical to youth than ever before. The current fiscal environment greatly threatens the funding we use to keep our doors open and our Clubs staffed. Please consider making a gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia today to ensure that our Clubs and programming can continue to be a stable, supportive environment for future generations.