ceo-messageA Message from our CEOs… Joseph & Lisabeth Marziello

Dear Champions for Change,

Now, as our Fiscal Year comes to a close, is the time to reflect upon 2018. We are grateful for all our Board members, friends, supporters and loyal donors as we continue to embark on our Bold Change for Kids campaign, which encompassed our fundraising plans throughout the year. Our success has been your success, as together we are transforming the neighborhoods and lives of the kids who need us most, one child at a time.

Last year, we proudly had the opportunity to honor an alumni and valued member of our Boys & Girls Club family, Rob Ross at our 6th annual Philly Showcase of Wine, Cheese & Beer, which raised over $1.8 M for the kids. This tribute was not simply about raising money; instead, the heart of our event was acknowledging a Champion and Hero, Rob, whose legacy began years ago at the Nicetown (now Shane Victorino) Boys & girls Clubs. During this tribute, we found that Rob was not alone in his daily journey to the Club; in fact, he was one of seven kids in his family who made their way to the Club on a daily basis. It was truly a family affair. This heartfelt Tribute brought the Boys & Girls Clubs’ mission to the forefront, validating the true meaning of the difference a Boys & Girls Club can and does make in a child’s life. Rob’s legacy will live on through the halls of this Club, as his leadership has transformed this historical organization and continues to do so today.

As we journey into 2019, we continue to be the voice of change for the kids in Philadelphia’s inner city neighborhoods. These kids not only need a stable, clean and nurturing environment, they need the educational and social support to help them realize that someone believes in them, and show them that they are not alone facing the struggles of their daily lives. Their Boys & Girls club is the hand on their shoulder to help guide and support them into the future. We have their back.

Together through our partners, Board members, friends, supporters and donors, we can continue to make our Bold Change for Kids a reality. Your leadership makes a difference, and your voice for the kids is needed now, as we continue our quest to improve our buildings, and transform opportunities through our Literacy Initiative, STEM Labs, Kids Cafes, and other innovative programming. Thank you for continuing to believe in our kids and communities as we work together to make sure all of our youth can achieve a Great Future!

In the best interest of the kids,

Lisabeth & Joseph Marziello



Joseph and Lisabeth Marziello
President-Chief Executive Officers