Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia - Arts & Culture
Our members have an outlet for their creative and curious minds every day. These programs help our members develop their knowledge and appreciation of fine arts, and their skills in music, performance, and creative writing.

Drama Matters

Drama Matters is a program for members 6-18 in which they can explore their creative minds and express their dramatic talents. The goal of this program is to capitalize on young people’s love of drama by increasing their appreciation of this art form and building their self-confidence, spark creativity and boosting academic achievement. Throughout the year, many of our Clubs will host shows for their members to display what they have learned and allow their parents and communities to be entertained by their skills.

National Fine Arts Exhibit

This program gives Club members the opportunity to take part in the National Fine Arts Exhibit, which is designed to enable them to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through visual arts. The program consists of local, regional and national shows that give participating members the opportunity to express their creative sides and display their creations in public forums.