Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia - Core Programs

Transforming Today’s Kids into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia offers five core program areas that challenge the mind and body and help our members establish a solid foundation on which to develop moral and ethical values through diverse educational and social activities.

Our Core Programs

Arts & Culture programs offer an outlet for our members’ creative minds and allow them to develop their knowledge and appreciation of fine arts, and their talents for performance, music, and creative writing.

Character & Leadership programs empower youth to support and influence their Club and community, sustain meaningful relationships, develop a positive self-image and participate in the democratic process.

Education & Career Development programs prepare youth for their academic and professional futures by teaching them the importance of education, setting and achieving their goals, and by providing assistance in college and career preparation.

Health & Life Skills programs help our members develop healthy life skills and learn positive behaviors that nurture their wellbeing. They learn how to resist alcohol, tobacco, drugs and premarital sexual activity in order to make the best life decisions that will enable them to become productive, healthy citizens.

Sports, Fitness & Recreation programs allow our kids to do what they do best — play, while learning the values of teamwork, respect, social skills, stress management and physical fitness.