2018 Philly Showcase of Wine, Cheese & Beer: Full Spirited Flavours

We are excited to announce that Full Spirited Flavors will be joining us as a new vendor for our 2018 Philly Showcase of Wine, Cheese & Beer!

Full Spirited Flavours is three sisters (Carole, Sue & Kathy) who not only love each other but love to make people smile and laugh and good food. The three sisters always talked about starting a food business together. Carole, with three cold martini’s (shaken not stirred) told Sue and Kathy that the time for talk was over. She announced, “We’re in our fifties and now is the time for us to do it.” Being full spirited ladies during a rocky economy in 2009 did not scare them, in fact they figured what better time to pursue their dream of working together and decided to introduce Sue’s amazing Amaretto Cake.

You do not want to miss their delectable liqueur infused cakes! As you explore the Philly Showcase of Wine, Cheese & Beer on Friday, April 20th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, stop by Full Spirited Flavors for some classic rum cake.

Tickets available now at: http://bit.ly/phillyShowcase2018
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